Saturday, 7 January 2012

Love Again Anthology

My story 'Life In Suitcases' which had a home and then lost it has found a new home as part of Ruby Lioness Press's Love Again Anthology. 

Keep an eye out for this compliation of stories about people who have been given a second chance at love. It should be hitting the web on February 14th.

Life in Suitcases
Elise Morgan’s childhood is seemingly perfect until one tragic event changes everything. Moved to Abbotts Home for Displaced Children she meets Anthony Scott and they become fast friends. Once they are out of the 'system' fate sets them on separate paths. How will they do on their own? One tries life away from their past, only to decide that the only family they'd ever known was what they had needed all along.
Please check out for this and other great books.
P.S. Matronly duties is more than 75% complete only a couple of chapters to go :)

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