Monday, 19 November 2012

Review: My Fair Dork by Daisy Harris

My Fair Dork (Men of Holsum College 8)
by Daisy Harris



They say a guy can never be too hung. Well, Harold Jacobs doesn’t know who they are, but they’re wrong. Socially awkward for as long as he can remember, Harold feels his enormous package is just one more thing to be embarrassed about. Especially once hunky and popular
Owen McKenzie notices it in the showers.

Owen knows he’s bi, but he keeps that secret close to his chest. He likes Harold, and wants to help him shed his dorky image and maybe even find a boyfriend. Still, Owen can’t stop obsessing about Harold’s equipment. And much as he doesn’t want to flip-flop on his sexuality, Owen does want to test-drive what Harold has between his legs.

Their friendship erupts into full-blown lust. But can Owen accept the loss of his golden child status and be Harold’s boyfriend? And can Harold outgrow his insecurity in time to keep the man he loves?


He put his hands on the girl’s hips and started to sway into her from behind. They weren’t the only people three-way dancing, so it didn’t feel too weird. But Harold still kept his eyes closed so he wouldn’t have to see Owen staring at him across the barrier of the girl’s presence.

It wasn’t bad, pressing against her back. She was soft, and her ass squishy. The round globes of it kept bumping into Harold’s hips. But he wasn’t too bothered. She smelled like perfume, and felt more like cuddling into a comfy blanket than anything remotely sexual. Harold was happy not to be worried about getting an erection for once in his life.

The girl leaned back and hooked her hand back behind Harold’s head. Then Owen followed suit. First his hand covered hers, and then Owen eased his hand to the side, so he was cupping Harold’s nape.

And Harold sprung wood. It happened so fast that he was grinding it up into the girl’s butt crack before he even realized what was going on.

He tucked his hips back, and wrenched his head out of Owen’s hold. Harold pulled away from the two of them, but although he wanted to storm out of the party like he had from Eta Xi, he held back. After all, for once he’d gotten a boner while touching a girl. It must have been some kind of miracle.

“Wow.” The girl gave him a flirty wink. She’d never stopped dancing, though she moved away from Owen to come to his front. “Is that a salami in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”



Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still isn't sure if she writes erotica. Her romances start out innocently enough. However, her characters behave like complete sluts. Much to Miss Harris's dismay the sex tends to get completely out of hand.

She writes about fantastical creatures and about young men getting their freak on, and she's never missed an episode of The Walking Dead

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Oh my lord, there is no words to adequately describe how much I loved this book. The perfect combination of Sweet and Angsty topped off with a fantabulous serving of SEXY.

I dare you not to fall head over heels in love with Harold or want to get all up close and personal with Owen.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 loved it, loved it , LOVED IT.

On a side note when I agreed to review this book I was curious about the series and started reading the books. They are all just as great as this one. And the thing I love the most is that characters from various books keep showing up in subsequent books.


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to review my book, Melissa. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. By the way, Melissa, I love your site!

  3. I love this series too! They always leave me happy and satisfied. I can see re-reading these many times :)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com