Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Neighbors by @LSMurphy @FlirtNovellas

Neighbors by L.S. Murphy
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Rena Woods has a great life. She recently landed the contract to decorate the home of basketball wife, Cecilia Hood, her business is growing, and this contract could make her the elite decorator in St. Louis. Rena’s sacrificed her personal life for her company without a single regret. When Staff Sergeant C.J. Riker moves in across the hall, Rena can’t stand to be around him. He may be on the volcanic side of hot, but his attitude sucks. Riker does whatever he can to get under Rena’s skin.
After a massive blow to her business sends Rena on a self-destructive binge, Riker is there to save her from doing something she might regret. Could there be more to Riker than meets the eye? And will he open up enough to Rena to tell her how he lost his leg or shut out love forever?
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I am totally a sucker for a war hero and Riker is my favourite kind. A little PTSD a lot of attitude and sexy as hell. It doesn't surprise me at all that Rena fell for Riker even though his tough exterior was a little hard to crack.

Overall i give this 4 out of 5