Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Review: Ashes by Sara Gilman @CovetBooks @Gilman_Sarah

Accidents happen for a reason…
Journalist Ambrosia Pellerin accepts an assignment involving the legendary phoenix, expecting, if nothing else, a little entertainment. Instead, she winds up pregnant—by a surprisingly human-looking firebird, Reece Bennu.
As the Phoenix prince, Reece is next in line to the throne and expected to marry a purebred royal. A common human such as Ambrosia is not in the cards. He swears, though, he’ll never be an absentee father.
As Ambrosia’s due date grows closer, so do the soon-to-be parents. But will their tentative love survive the prejudice of Reece’s grandmother, who will stop at nothing to tear the two apart?


Though I love a good paranormal book i don't get to read them as often as i'd like but i am extremely glad i got to read this one.

Having a Phoenix as the shifter Hero was pure genius on Ms Gilmans part and i loved the world that she built. I also loved the way Ambrosia didn't just roll over and do his bidding but still let him have control at the same time. Reece of course was totally swoon worthy and caring at the same time.

My only one complaint is this book finished too soon i'd reached the end before i even realised it.

If you are looking for a great book outside the normal paranormal genres then this is for you.

Overall i give this 4 out of 5

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