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Review: Suddenly Cinderella Bundle by Hope Tarr @IndulgenceBooks

Operation Cinderella
Magazine editor Macie Graham devises a plan to masquerade as a modern-day Cinderella and get her revenge on infuriating Texan Ross Mannon. She’ll do anything to uncover the dirt on the famous radio personality but when she finally uncovers a secret that could destroy Ross's reputation, she faces losing her job or losing the fairy-tale ending she didn't even know she wanted.
The Cinderella Makeover
Chic fashion photographer Francesca St. James agrees to work as a "fashion fairy godmother" on a new reality TV show, but she doesn't agree to falling for one of the contestants. Tech company CEO Greg just needs some help transforming himself enough to find his happily ever after, and butting heads with his high-and-mighty fairy godmother isn't in his plan. The two couldn't be more different, but as Greg transforms into the smoking-hot, confident guy he was always meant to be, will his makeover find him his one true love?
The Cinderella Seduction
Four months ago, Nick’s bachelor-style life was turned upside down. Now the sole parent to a seven-year-old daughter he never knew existed, Nick doesn’t have time for pleasure. But he hadn’t factored in Stefanie or the intense attraction he’d feel for her. As her seduction heats up, so do the stakes, both professionally and romantically. Can he let business go long enough to allow Stefanie into his heart?

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So i will confess i actually started this series with the last book The Cinderella Seduction which i read and was supposed to review in December but i suspect i may have forgotten to post the review. But it was the reading of The Cinderella Seduction that made me jump at reviewing this bundle. Because the moment i finished the last book i instantly wanted to go back and read all the predecessors.  And that is pretty much what this bundle is the entire series minus the one novella.

Operation Cinderella

This is a fabulous start to the series Ross was a little hypocritical for my liking at the start but i suspect that was the point. I loved that Hope was able to turn that around and have me lovving him by the end a little like how Macie felt.

Sexy dads are one of my favourite types of hero's and Ross definitely lived up to my hopes. I also loved that Macie's transformation was a little bit of a reverse Cinderella. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The Cinderella Makeover

I think this is technically the third book in the series but it is the second in the bundle. Francesca ex wife of the Ross from book one has hit a bit of a dating slump and is insanely jealous of her ex and the happiness he has found. She is also very lonely missing her daughter a lot since she chose to live with her father on a permanent basis. 

Backed into a corner she agrees to be a Fairy Godmother for a new reality tv series.

This is where she runs into bane of her existence Gregory Knickerbocker ( on a side note but hero surname i have ever encountered). His publicity shyness ruined her business and her reputation and she is furious to see him one the show.

Greg fits the geek to sexy model perfectly and i love that the Cinderella transformation this time was the bloke.  That being said Francesca does her own share of transforming.

A great read.

The Cinderella Seduction

As I said above i actually read this book first. But loved that not only does it provide a great story in it's own right but it also ties up the story lines from the other books nicely as well.

I am going to have to admit Mediterranean men don't normally do it for me but Hope has written Nick in such a manner that you can't help but fall in love with him. of course he has the sexy daddy thing going for him which i always enjoy.

This book has a bit of a 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' feel to it but that in no way deteriorates from the book.

Definitely a great read.

Overall i give this bundle/series 4.5 out of 5  Loved it.

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