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Entangled Indulgence:The Billionaire Matchmaker @IndulgenceBooks

Entangled’s very first imprint, Indulgence, brings us the romance we want. And the fantasy men we can’t get enough of!  Their new covers show off those rough and ready cowboys, CEOs, and alpha tycoons we crave.  Join us in celebrating the brand new look of Indulgence!

Today we’re featuring THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER, written by four award winning authors: Shirley Jump, Susan Meier, Jackie Braun and Barbara Wallace.

While written in four parts, THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER isn’t your ordinary anthology.  Rather it’s a four part book – a sisterhood of a travelling pooch if you will –in which one feisty Jack Russell changes the lives of four friends.  T

In Part 1, Driving Mr. Wrong Home by Shirley Jump, Charlie hits the road with Gabby his dog sitter. Little does she know that her other travelling companion – a handsome man from her past – is about to change her plans to re-launch her art career into an unexpected, romantic reunion.

In Part 2, The Sheriff’s Secret by Susan Meier, Charlie turns guard-dog.  But it’s a rugged, blue-blue-eyed cop who ends up keeping his new dog-sitter, Marney’s, nights – and bed – warm…

In Part 3: Love Unleashed by Jackie Braun, Charlie finds himself living with Marney’s best friend, Mia.  His mischief lands the headstrong florist on the doorstep of the two vet, who just happens to be her former flame – and the man Mia never forgot…

Finally, in Part 4, Love in the Shadows by Barbara Wallace, Charlie returns home to the care of the mysterious Mr. B. But, not before his final dogsitter shares a few choice words with the reclusive billionaire.  Sparks fly and it isn’t long before the high school teacher is teaching the emotionally-wounded tycoon that love heals everything.

Will these four dog sitters find love? What is the mysterious Mr. B’s story? And most importantly, what happens to Charlie?  You have to read all four parts to find out.  And, right now you can purchase the entire bundle for only .99! Click here for details.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT FROM PART 3, Love Unleashed by Jackie Braun
He straightened and stepped closer, leaving only the stainless steel prep table to separate them. Even with flowers perfuming the air, she caught a hint of the aftershave she’d given him for his birthday the previous fall. He was dressed in wrinkled cargo shorts and a faded T-shirt that sported the name of his college alma mater. It was just her bad luck that her mind decided to replay a scene from the previous summer when she’d helped him out of that very shirt.

They’d gotten caught in a downpour, after which they’d stumbled into her house, laughing and drenched. Gid had taken one look at the thin fabric plastered against her body and sobered.He’d traced a circle around one breast, causing its already erect nipple to tighten further through her sports bra. That was all it had taken to have Mia yanking off his sodden tee in desperation.

They hadn’t made it to the bedroom—or even to the couch half a dozen steps away in her living room. In his urgency, Gid had made love to her against the wall in the tiny foyer.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he’d told her afterward as the breath sawed from his lungs. “Even when we’re old and gray, Mia, I won’t have had my fill.”

They were words that should have made her happy but instead had left her unnerved. Too many people in her life had made promises they could not keep. In a way, such words often had signaled the beginning of the end.

Mia crossed her arms as she shifted her weight to one hip. She couldn’t bear to open herself up to the kind of pain she knew firsthand abandonment caused. It hadn’t been wise to become so involved with Gid. She’d let things with him grow too serious and go on for too long. Ultimately, however, she deemed it wiser to reject than to wait around to be rejected.

Not that walking away from Gideon had been easy. But it had been necessary. Besides, he was better off without her. He deserved someone who was emotionally healthy and whole. Someone who wasn’t afraid to love him back.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” he said.

She shook her head in denial. “I’ve been busy.”

“That’s a handy excuse, Mia. Not to mention an overused one.”

“It also happens to be true.”

His eyes narrowed and she braced for a battle of words, mentally lining up her arguments. Instead, Gideon merely shrugged.


Nothing got Mia’s back up quicker than that one, three-syllable word. Whatever said, I don’t care. It said, what you have to say doesn’t matter to me. Extrapolated, it meant, you don’t matter to me.

If she’d been thinking straight, she would have realized that her strong reaction to the word was exactly why Gid used it. He wanted to get a rise out of her. He wanted her to fi ght back. He wanted to pull out the volatile emotions that she tried to keep under lock and key. But seeing red blotted out the obvious.

“Are you calling me a liar?” she demanded as she came around the prep table.

In her fl at shoes, the top of her head barely came to his shoulder. That didn’t keep her from poking him in the chest. Gid eyed the fi nger a moment before his gaze returned to hers. He replied, “This is a small town and I haven’t bumped into you once in the past six months. Not once. Just sayin’.”

His lips quirked, and it irritated her all the more that she still found his mouth to be so damned sexy. The man should be out of her system by now. Forgotten. But no matter how hard she tried to banish them, those memories of the two of them together held on stubbornly, pressing to the forefront at the most inconvenient times.

Including right then.

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