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Review: The Mean Girl Apologies by Stephanie Monahan @EPEmbrace

About the Book
Title: The Mean Girl Apologies
Author: Stephanie Monahan
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Pub. Date: June 2, 2014
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You know that catchy song you keep hearing on the radio?
It’s about you.
Natalie Jamison has spent five years trying to forget the girl she was in high school: popular, pretty…and, okay, mean. Now in her twenties and living once again in her small town, she’s right back where she was: following Queen Bee Amber and keeping secrets from her best friend, Sarah.
Secrets like Jack Moreland.
Everyone knows Jack Moreland—his new album, Good Enough, is everywhere. He’s famous. Impossibly handsome. Completely untouchable. But what none of Natalie’s old clique knows is that in high school, Natalie and Jack fell in love. And their secret relationship was incredible, painful—and earth-shattering enough to inspire an entire album.
Facing friends and enemies isn’t easy, but Natalie will go to great lengths to prove she is good enough—to her friends, to herself, and most of all, to the small-town boy turned worldwide heartthrob she never forgot.

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 So I had think for a few days about this book before I could post the review. As someone who was a subject of the popular girls teasing at high school i wanted to hate Natalie and i think that was where my conflict lie because i just couldn't. Even though i found myself internally shouting at her constantly to grow a back bone.

I did enjoy this book and found myself furiously flipping the pages wanting to know how Natalie and Jack would find there happy ever after. But I must admit i got to the end and my first thought was WTF   that's all there is. I did feel that for me at least some of the emotions just didn't feel resolved.

Overall I give this 3.75 out of 5 It was a great premise but not sure it the author pulled it off.

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