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Guest Blog: Avril Ashton

Avril Ashton

Topic: What are the keys to seduction? The things every man or woman should know?

The Keys to Seduction….hell to key to my seduction is cake, but really I’m not the most typical. Men and women are very different when it comes to seduction.

While women are about feelings and the heart, which is what men have to appeal to (not always, you understand, but more often than not), men are visual creatures. Men see, they appreciate and they want. If the object of their desire is available, they take.

Women not so much.  

Will you respect me in the morning is not a rhetorical question. We really do want the answer to that question. Understanding is the most important key to seduction, I think. Women need to understand that men aren’t necessarily after the same things that they are.

For a woman to allow herself to succumb, to be seduced, she has to like you. Really like you. For a man, he has to feel wanted.

Important things.

Communication is also a major key. Want to make sure you’re both on the same wave length.

Mutual respect goes a long way in setting the mood. Respect the boundaries she’s set, and the fact that he wants nothing beyond what you’re both about to get because once you’ve rung that bell…heh…it can’t be un-rung.

Don’t mistake me for an expert at this stuff. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on what should be important and in play once the game of seduction begins. When you’re both in agreement on what you want and need, go all in and allow the chips to fall where they may.

Trust me when I tell you they will.

Whether you’re a fan of the slow and soft or the fast and rough, the keys to seduction are really what you permit them to be. Your rules. Your tastes. Your pleasure or your pain.

About the Author:
A Caribbean transplant, Avril now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y with a tolerant Spousal Equivalent. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school (not so much school anymore). Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing plot points of The Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother.

Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. Spicy love scenes, delicious heroes, and wicked women burn up the pages of Avril’s stories, but there’ll always be a happy ending; Av remains a believer of love in all its forms.

Author Links

   Till Surrender
     Avril Ashton
Paranormal Security Council, Book 2
Total-E-Bound Publishing
Paranormal, Erotic, MM
May 7, 2012

The key to his salvation is the one person he’s destined to love…and betray.

Tattooed half-breed, Takayo ‘Saint’ St. John, kills for the PSC with single-minded efficiency. He’s never questioned or failed his assignments…until he stares into the cornflower blue eyes of Ryken Valte, the man whose life he’s infiltrated under false pretenses. Harsh words and a cold shoulder isn’t enough to keep the distance between them, but Saint’s mission hangs over his head. His job is to kill the brother of the man he loves and he sees no way out of his predicament.

Ryken melts under the intense attraction between him and Saint, but the man keeps pushing him away, denying their connection. Ryken would give up everything, do anything to have Saint at his side and in his bed, but secrets bigger than them make it impossible. Ryken yearns for Saint’s surrender, but he’ll get more than he bargained for when dark forces neither comprehends return with a vengeance.


“No killing the target until you hear from me.”
Takayo ‘Saint’ St John leant back in his chair, arms folded across his chest, and raised an eyebrow at his boss. Remi Parascu pushed a folder across the large mahogany  desk towards him.
Saint grabbed it and flipped open the brown folder. “Tell me again how I got chosen to babysit a freaking human?”
This wasn’t his normal assignment—most of Saint’s missions were in-and-out jobs, like the one he’d recently completed in Germany. . He hadn’t even disembarked the Council’s private jet when Remi showed up with this new gig. The Paranormal Security Council—known as the Council—marshalled the different paranormal sects in the US and abroad, providing security for high-ranking Para officials, and making sure Para laws were upheld. When anyone stepped out of line and broke those laws, the PSC also dealt with them. ‘Dealing with them’, more often than not, meant killing them, and Saint was one-fourth of the team given the termination assignments.
The president of the PSC met his gaze with unblinking eyes. “This is an elite’s job and, since Prescott’s on another assignment, you’re up to bat.”
That still left one other person. “And Voltaire?”
The female head of their team known as the Death-Bringer was the deadliest of them all. This job seemed more suited to her. Besides, Saint really wanted to sleep. And get laid. Though not necessarily in that order. It’d been a long-ass minute since he’d had a good dick suck and a balls lick. Fuck, but he was due.
Remi pushed her chair back and got to her feet. The tight grey skirt and blue blouse she wore clung to her lithe frame. Saint didn’t have to be into chicks to appreciate her gorgeous feminine form.
“Voltaire’s in Colorado.”
The words were spoken evenly, but he had a feeling more went on behind Remi’s direct stare.
“She’s mated with a wolf out there and is apparently still in the honeymoon phase.” Remi grimaced.
He chuckled. “Must be one crazy-ass wolf to risk mating with V. She’s a live one.”
“Yeah, well, at least she hasn’t left completely. In fact, she’s the one who recommended you for this.”
“No shit.”
“No shit.” A knock came on the door of her office and Remi headed towards it. “Read up on your cover and the target. Wheels up in five hours so I suggest you get that pesky hard-on taken of asap.”
Folder in hand, Saint surged to his feet with a grin and snapped a salute. “Yes, boss.”


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