Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Vaquero by D'Ann Lindun

When Cordero Ybarra and Aspen O’Hare meet, there is an immediate attraction. But he holds his secrets close, refusing to open up about the night racial prejudice almost killed him.
Aspen refuses to trust Cord—or any man. She’s been abandoned one too many times. When another woman lies and says Cord wouldn’t take responsibility for a child they created together, Aspen believes Cord is a deadbeat just like her father. It is only after she uncovers the truth that Aspen realizes Cord is nothing like the men who’ve deserted her before.

When an immigrant worker is hanged by the same two crazies who branded him, Cord sees the truth. The shame he’s carried about being the victim of a hate crime is going to cost him the woman he loves if he can’t let go of his past.

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Okay so I am going to admit I am a lover of D'Ann's work. When she was asking for people to review her new release I couldn't help but put my hand up. And I was not disappointed not even a little.

Once again this was a well crafted and enthralling story. Cord and Aspen (love this as a girls name by the way) are both people who have had awful things in their past and though they both try to move forward there are many who want to do anything they can to stop that from happening.

This story had quite a few twists and turns and it made it so hard to put the book down you just want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen. I learn't my lesson from the last D'Ann book I read and started this one first thing in the morning so I wasn't up to the wee hours of the morning needing to finish the book.

A little surprise in this story was there was actually a little bit of a side romance for some secondary characters that I wasn't expecting but it was a pleasant surprise.

For those of you that have any deep seated issues with racial hatred you might find some parts of this book a little hard to read. Though the author leaves us with no doubt that what the men are doing is wrong some of it was still a little hard to read.

Lastly as an Aussie, Spanish is not a language we are around all that much and as such I couldn't really understand some of it or remember what the words meant from earlier in the story but it is only used sparsely so it is not a huge distraction from the reading experience.

Overall I give this 4.5 out of 5 If you love a good cowboy suspense then this is definitely a book you'll love.


  1. Sounds like a great another great book from D'Ann.

  2. Great review, Melissa! I love D'Ann's books. This is another I'm going to have to read very soon. :)

  3. Congrats on another fantastic review, D'Ann...

    I love this story.

  4. Wonderful review! Congrats to D'Ann!!!

  5. I loved this book when I read it in crits. Can't wait to read the finished product! Love D'Ann's work! Great writing that sucks you in. Who can ask for more?

  6. It's a great story. Nice review.

  7. Wonderful review. Congrats.

    Kitty DuCane,