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Review: Lovers Unmasked Anthology @EntangledPub #Brazen

Mystery and intrigue surround Halloween night as friends surrender to long-hidden desires, lovers relinquish control, and the heat of passion threatens to consume them all…
Enjoy your tricks and treats in this sexy anthology featuring bestselling authors Katee Robert, Cari Quinn, Samanthe Beck, and Tessa Bailey.

Seducing Mr Right (a Come Undone Novella) Katee Robert

 Danielle has a plan—use the company Halloween party to seduce the sexy mail guy who works a few floors up who she’s been meeting for coffee for the past few months. The only problem? He’s not who she thinks he is, and he has seduction plans of his own. 

So those of you who have read the third cook in the Come Undone series you will remember the Heroine's best friend Danielle. Well in the first story in this Anthology we get to see her find her happy ever after even if it isn't going to ruffle her father's feathers quite as much as she'd hoped. I loved the chemistry between Danielle and Grayson. I also loved how much emotion and story telling was fit into such a short piece definitely a wonderful addition to the Come Undone series.

Tempted by His Best Friend by Cari Quinn
Kindergarten teachers aren’t known for breaking the rules, but Steph is ready to go undercover—and get under the covers—to work her magic on her best friend, Landon. Sexy costume necessary, multiple orgasms crucial, real identity optional. 

This second story in the anthology is a friends to lovers piece. I was caught off guard a little at the beginning because it went from zero to whoa-nelly-sexy in about five seconds flat. But as i read on i understood where the author was going with the piece and i loved seeing Steph and Landon finally figure out that being friends doesn't mean they can't be lovers.  

Wicked Games (a McCade Brother novella) by Samanthe Beck
When Stacy discovers her sex-on-a-stick ex at her Hollywood Halloween blow-out, she decides to show the cocky homicide detective exactly what he's been missing. But she’s not the only one plotting revenge, and Ian’s the only one who can save her. 

I loved this story it follows on from not long after the epilogue of Lover Undercover and we finally get the full story on why Stacy and Ian aren't together. The things is they both desperately want to be together but both are being stubborn about it. It takes a threat to Stacy's life for both of them to realise life's too short not to be with the one you  love. A long with a good dose of sexy there is plenty of drama in this one too.

Protecting What's Theirs (a Line of Duty novella) by Tessa Bailey

This last story in the anthology lets us get a glimpse into the future of  Ginger and Derek from 
Protecting What's His. With Halloween approaching Derek get's some bad news at work that sees him keeping stuff from Ginger in an effort to protect her. Ginger unfortunately thinks Derek has finally had enough of her and is trying to break up with her. As Danger looms Derek is at his cave man dominating best which for me i find seriously hot. The question is will they sort out there issues before someone gets hurt. This was a really enjoyable addition to the Line of Duty series.

Overall I give this Anthology 4 out of 5

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