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Entangled Indulgence:The Billionaire Matchmaker @IndulgenceBooks

Entangled’s very first imprint, Indulgence, brings us the romance we want. And the fantasy men we can’t get enough of!  Their new covers show off those rough and ready cowboys, CEOs, and alpha tycoons we crave.  Join us in celebrating the brand new look of Indulgence!

Today we’re featuring THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER, written by four award winning authors: Shirley Jump, Susan Meier, Jackie Braun and Barbara Wallace.

While written in four parts, THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER isn’t your ordinary anthology.  Rather it’s a four part book – a sisterhood of a travelling pooch if you will –in which one feisty Jack Russell changes the lives of four friends.  T

In Part 1, Driving Mr. Wrong Home by Shirley Jump, Charlie hits the road with Gabby his dog sitter. Little does she know that her other travelling companion – a handsome man from her past – is about to change her plans to re-launch her art career into an unexpected, romantic reunion.

In Part 2, The Sheriff’s Secret by Susan Meier, Charlie turns guard-dog.  But it’s a rugged, blue-blue-eyed cop who ends up keeping his new dog-sitter, Marney’s, nights – and bed – warm…

In Part 3: Love Unleashed by Jackie Braun, Charlie finds himself living with Marney’s best friend, Mia.  His mischief lands the headstrong florist on the doorstep of the two vet, who just happens to be her former flame – and the man Mia never forgot…

Finally, in Part 4, Love in the Shadows by Barbara Wallace, Charlie returns home to the care of the mysterious Mr. B. But, not before his final dogsitter shares a few choice words with the reclusive billionaire.  Sparks fly and it isn’t long before the high school teacher is teaching the emotionally-wounded tycoon that love heals everything.

Will these four dog sitters find love? What is the mysterious Mr. B’s story? And most importantly, what happens to Charlie?  You have to read all four parts to find out.  And, right now you can purchase the entire bundle for only .99! Click here for details.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT FROM PART 3, Love Unleashed by Jackie Braun
He straightened and stepped closer, leaving only the stainless steel prep table to separate them. Even with flowers perfuming the air, she caught a hint of the aftershave she’d given him for his birthday the previous fall. He was dressed in wrinkled cargo shorts and a faded T-shirt that sported the name of his college alma mater. It was just her bad luck that her mind decided to replay a scene from the previous summer when she’d helped him out of that very shirt.

They’d gotten caught in a downpour, after which they’d stumbled into her house, laughing and drenched. Gid had taken one look at the thin fabric plastered against her body and sobered.He’d traced a circle around one breast, causing its already erect nipple to tighten further through her sports bra. That was all it had taken to have Mia yanking off his sodden tee in desperation.

They hadn’t made it to the bedroom—or even to the couch half a dozen steps away in her living room. In his urgency, Gid had made love to her against the wall in the tiny foyer.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he’d told her afterward as the breath sawed from his lungs. “Even when we’re old and gray, Mia, I won’t have had my fill.”

They were words that should have made her happy but instead had left her unnerved. Too many people in her life had made promises they could not keep. In a way, such words often had signaled the beginning of the end.

Mia crossed her arms as she shifted her weight to one hip. She couldn’t bear to open herself up to the kind of pain she knew firsthand abandonment caused. It hadn’t been wise to become so involved with Gid. She’d let things with him grow too serious and go on for too long. Ultimately, however, she deemed it wiser to reject than to wait around to be rejected.

Not that walking away from Gideon had been easy. But it had been necessary. Besides, he was better off without her. He deserved someone who was emotionally healthy and whole. Someone who wasn’t afraid to love him back.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” he said.

She shook her head in denial. “I’ve been busy.”

“That’s a handy excuse, Mia. Not to mention an overused one.”

“It also happens to be true.”

His eyes narrowed and she braced for a battle of words, mentally lining up her arguments. Instead, Gideon merely shrugged.


Nothing got Mia’s back up quicker than that one, three-syllable word. Whatever said, I don’t care. It said, what you have to say doesn’t matter to me. Extrapolated, it meant, you don’t matter to me.

If she’d been thinking straight, she would have realized that her strong reaction to the word was exactly why Gid used it. He wanted to get a rise out of her. He wanted her to fi ght back. He wanted to pull out the volatile emotions that she tried to keep under lock and key. But seeing red blotted out the obvious.

“Are you calling me a liar?” she demanded as she came around the prep table.

In her fl at shoes, the top of her head barely came to his shoulder. That didn’t keep her from poking him in the chest. Gid eyed the fi nger a moment before his gaze returned to hers. He replied, “This is a small town and I haven’t bumped into you once in the past six months. Not once. Just sayin’.”

His lips quirked, and it irritated her all the more that she still found his mouth to be so damned sexy. The man should be out of her system by now. Forgotten. But no matter how hard she tried to banish them, those memories of the two of them together held on stubbornly, pressing to the forefront at the most inconvenient times.

Including right then.

Review: Queen of Swords by @katee_robert @EntangledSelect

Queen of Swords
by: Katee Robert
Genre: SciFi Romance

Synopsis: When the cards tell Ophelia Leoni she's supposed to marry the Prince of Hansarda, the gunrunner grits her teeth and boards the starship that comes for her. It doesn't matter if the ship's commander is the gorgeous stranger she just spent a wild, drunken night with. As a Diviner, she’s painfully aware the cards don't lie. Ever.
Boone O’Keirna knows Ophelia is trouble the second he sees the way she moves. Not about to let the little hellcat marry his sadistic half-brother, Boone pretends to be the Prince’s emissary and kidnaps Ophelia. Too bad they can’t be in the same room without him wanting to throw her out an airlock–or into bed.
Even as they fight each other–and their explosive attraction–Ophelia and Boone sense something is wrong. Too much is going their way. Soon, they realize while the cards may never lie, the truth is sometimes hidden between them...and the future king of Hansarda is not one to take defeat lying down.
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13586316-queen-of-swords
Amazon (kindle) Buy Link: http://bit.ly/QueenofSwordsebookAM
Amazon (paperback) Buy Link: http://bit.ly/QueenofSwordspbAM
Barnes & Noble (paperback) Buy Link: http://bit.ly/QueenofSwordspbBN
Barnes & Noble (Nook) Buy Link: http://bit.ly/QueenofSwordsebookBN


I'm going to admit i had a little trouble getting this one started but once i hit the first sex scene which is is fairly close to the beginning of the book i was hooked. And i loved the uniqueness of the premise behind the story.  As someone who has been known to do a tarot reading every now and again i loved the idea of the Diviner species.

The chemistry between Ophelia and Boone was fun and sexy and definitely kept me turning the pages.

The only thing that drove me absolutely nuts about this book and i'm  not sure whether it was my tablet or the version of the ARC but the graphics at the beginning of each chapter would cause my reader to crash which made it very hard to get a good flow on with my reading.

Overall i give this book 4.5 out of 5 Going to read the prequel now until i can get my hands on the next book in the series.

Author Bio:
Katee Robert learned to tell stories at her grandpa's knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back.
Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way--as it often does--and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she'd like to write a book and try to get published.
Her first novel was an epic fantasy that, God willing, will never see the light of day. From there, she dabbled in YA and horror, before finally finding speculative romance. Because, really, who wouldn't want to write entire books about the smoking-hot relationships between two people?
She now spends her time--when not lost in Far Reach worlds--playing imaginary games with her wee ones, writing, ogling men, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Website: www.kateerobert.com
Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/user/kateerobert1
Twitter: @katee_robert
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKateeRobert
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5398028.Katee_Robert?from_search=true
Newsletter: http://wordpress.us5.list-manage1.com/subscribe/post?u=252d951a70baaac21b0a165a7&id=efffd5afdb

Review: Honor Reclaimed by Tonya Burrows @EntangledSelect

Honor Reclaimed
by: Tonya Burrows
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Synopsis: Former Marine scout sniper Seth Harlan is new to HORNET and anxious to prove he can still do his job despite an ongoing battle with PTSD. He remembers all too well what it's like to sit inside an enemy camp, praying for rescue and waiting for death. So when a black ops soldier contacts HORNET to rescue a buddy who was left behind, all sorts of nasty memories strain his newfound stability.
When an interview with a runaway Afghan child bride leads photojournalist Phoebe Leighton to an arms deal involving a suitcase bomb powerful enough to wipe out a mid-sized town, she realizes this is one battle she can't win on her own. Forming an unlikely alliance with a ragtag team of military and government delinquents, she meets Seth, a sniper carrying as many emotional scars as physical, who impresses her with his steely will and ignites passions within her she thought long dead.
Suddenly this mission is about a lot more than an abandoned soldier. Racing against the clock, Seth, Phoebe, and the rest of HORNET struggle to stop that bomb before it reaches it's final destination: The United States.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18594360-honor-reclaimed?from_search=true
Amazon Buy Link: http://amzn.to/1fxVRI1
Barnes & Noble Buy Link: http://bit.ly/1kSdBWz

Man I love these Hornet books. They are thrill rides that keep you turning the pages. I have been curious about Seth from his mentions in the previous books and I was glad to find out he wasn't as written off as everyone suspected and I loved Phoebe. The chemistry between them was awesome.
Tonya Burrows writes some sexy alpha heroes an i highly recommend this book.
Overall 5 out of 5
Author Bio: Writing has always been my one true love. I wrote my first novel-length story in 8th grade and haven't put down my pen since. I received a B.A. in creative writing from SUNY Oswego and I'm now working on a MFA in popular fiction at Seton Hill University.
When I'm not writing, I spend my time reading, painting (badly), exploring new places, and enjoying time with my family. Give me a good horror movie over a chick flick any day. (And, let's be honest, I'll take a bad horror movie too!) I'm a geek at heart and pledge my avid TV fandom to Supernatural and Doctor Who. I'm also a big fan of The Voice. What can I say? Guilty pleasure.​​
I share my life with two dogs and a ginormous cat. I'm from a small town in Western New York, but I suffer from a bad case of wanderlust and usually end up moving someplace new every few years. Luckily, my animals are all excellent travel buddies.

Website: http://www.tonyaburrows.com/
Blog: http://www.tonya-burrows.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonyaburrows
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonyaburrowsauthor
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/Tonya_Burrows
Newsletter: http://tonyaburrows.us6.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=e03d7c5ec1a8fdc67db99bac3&id=3cafb9c112

Entangled Select New Releases @EntangledSelect

Whether you’re looking for a romance that makes you laugh, makes you ‘walk the plank’, keeps you guessing, or stars your favorite paranormal, look no further. Select books have the single-title stories you crave, and the longer length you need to really get ‘lost’ in a great book. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books are coming next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, and like their Facebook page.

Today I'm happy to be featuring Select's May releases:

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Entangled Brazen New Releases @BrazenBooks

If you like your heroes hot, the sex hotter, and a swoon-worthy romance to swoop in and save your happily ever after, Brazen has the story for you. Sinfully sexy soldiers. Alpha cops who demand control. Sweet guys with a naughty side in the bedroom. At Brazen, they've got the hero destined to melt your... heart. Visit the Entangled website, the Brazen Blog, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, and follow them on Pinterest.

Introducing Brazen's May 26th releases:

Work Hard, play harder...

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Cover Reveal: F*ck Normal by Mickey J. Corrigan

F*ck Normal
Mickey J. Corrigan

Release Day – June 7, 2014

Bottom Drawer is proud to announce the release of F*ck Normal, an irreverent tale of marital discord by Mickey J. Corrigan.


What happens when you marry a serious intellectual with a rich fantasy life to a perfectionistic overachiever with a hot body? Sometimes you get discord and separation. Other times, you get Goodreads, too many bottles of Haut-Brion, a luxe swingers club, and Lexus sex.

Barton and Katelyn Fiske are a normal couple with some all-too-normal marital issues. The Fiskes have two small children, an underwater mortgage, and too many bills to pay. He works hard, she spends harder. They haven't had sex in months, and Barton is sleeping in the den of their colonial-style home in Downwind Beach, Florida. The Fiskes attend couples’ counseling, but it isn’t helping. They're on the verge of breaking up their ten-year marriage.

Katelyn wants her husband to stop fantasizing about a woman from his past. Barton wants his wife to stop prying into his private thoughts. And Dr. Colony, their high-end Palm Beach therapist, wants husband and wife to practice her mutualization exercises so that they can enjoy a normal relationship.

Fuck normal, Barton thinks. Little does he know, his wife is thinking the same thing.

The e-book will be available for sale on June 7, exclusively from Amazon for 90 days, and then from all online booksellers after that.

About the Author

Mickey J. Corrigan

Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot romance and Florida pulp.

Mickey's stories have appeared in several anthologies and online publications.

Novellas include: 
* the cyber romance Dream Job (Breathless Press, 2012), which has been compared to The Matrix and the Twilight Zone;
*Geekus Interruptus, a quirky comedy for all lovers of the nerd variety (Bottom Drawer Publications, 2013)
* Professional Grievers, a romantic comedy that highlights love affairs at funerals and wakes (Breathless Press, 2013);
* BabyShares, a quirky financial crime romance (Secret Cravings Press, 2013); and
*Me Go Mango, which combines girls gone wild with some delicious mango recipes (Champagne Books, 2013).

Sugar Babies, a novel, is a sexy thriller (Champagne Books, 2013).

Visit at www.mickeyjcorrigan.com. 

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Spotlight: Sexual Politics by Tara Mills

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Is the scandal worth it? Only she can answer that.

For two years Justine Hubbard has played the supportive wife role for her husband in public…and nowhere else. Senator Gary Hubbard's philandering ended her love for him. But sometimes there are reasons people decide to maintain the illusion of a happy marriage when the relationship is over.

Living a lie until after the election wasn't an issue—until she met Sean O'Donnell. She can't fool the perceptive photographer. He understands her. He wants her. After feeling invisible to her husband, that's an intoxicating discovery. But having condemned her husband for his hushed affairs, it would be hypocritical to give in to her desire for Sean.

All it would take is a whisper of scandal for her husband's political enemies to bring him down. She wouldn't dream of sacrificing Gary's career, their causes, and her own good name. But how can she stay away from Sean now that she's fallen for him?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and mild language


The senator put his arm around his wife while she stood, frozen, her smile brittle on the edges. "Justine is a big patron of the arts. I'm glad she found someone interesting to talk to tonight. She hates these functions."

Sean smiled tightly, noting her discomfort. "She's not the only one."

"Yes, well…" The senator rubbed his hands together. "The sooner I get out of here, the sooner I can get home."

Sean felt the next perfunctory kiss was for his benefit. His heart went out to her.

"Don't wait up," the senator said to his wife.

One more insincere handshake with Sean and the man was gone.

She seemed to shrink, as if letting go of the tension took an inch off her height. "I think he forgot to call for my car."

"I'm just about to leave. Would you like to share a cab?"

The corner of her mouth twitched and she nodded, her lovely hazel eyes shining, though not a tear fell.

They ditched their glasses and headed to the atrium. Twice his hand strayed automatically toward the small of her back as they walked. He had to remind himself not to touch her.

Collecting their coats, he helped her into hers then slipped on his own, winding his slate gray scarf around his neck.

He didn't hesitate to offer his arm on the way out. Her high heels demanded it. Even though the sidewalk had clearly been shoveled once already, snow continued to fall, the scattered salt leaving circular patterns of melt amidst the slick. The doorman waved a cab forward and opened the door for them. Sean helped her into the back then slid in after her.

The doorman shut them in as Sean adjusted his long coat on the seat around him. "Let's drop you off first."

"All right." She leaned forward and gave the cabbie her address.

* * * *

Justine was hyper aware of O'Donnell's hand resting on the seat not eight inches from hers as they rode across the city. If they both stretched out a pinky, they might even touch. Beyond handshakes, she hadn't touched a man in so long. Gary no longer counted. He only touched her in public. After his second affair, she'd insisted.

Her life, her marriage, her husband—all of it was a sham.

Glancing surreptitiously at Sean O'Donnell as he watched the scenery pass, she was struck by how handsome he was, in a completely natural way. There was no hint of product in his hair to tame and control the wayward curls flaring out behind his ears. If anyone gave Gary's hair a little pat it would shift on his head like one solid, perfect helmet.

Even though it was faint, she could smell Old Spice coming off her quiet seatmate. It made her smile. Ah, memories. Back in the day, she used to love that aftershave. Gary only wore expensive cologne.

Sean cleaned up nicely, but she could tell he was as uncomfortable with the public side of his life as she was with hers. There was something genuine about him. After living with a facsimile of a human being for seven years, that was an attractive quality to have.

The cab turned onto her street and she began to worry the purse in her lap. Their ride had taken no time at all. They pulled to the curb in front of her townhouse and she started to open the clasp on her purse for her share of the fare. That's when Sean O'Donnell finally touched her bare hand, stopping her.

"It was on the way," he said.

"Thank you."

He exited the car then held the door, assisting her out. "I'll walk you up."

Afraid it would feel too much like the end of an awkward date, she declined his offer, though she appreciated his consideration. "That isn't necessary."

"Don't forget, the Russell Gallery. I hope to see you there, Mrs. Hubbard."

Flattered, she laughed softly. "I'll be there. But please, call me Justine."

She liked how his eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled. "Sean."

"Thank you for the ride."

"My pleasure. Goodnight, Justine." He stood there, silent and seemingly unaffected by the large, fluffy snowflakes settling on his hair and shoulders.

"Goodnight, Sean." Feeling a blush coming on, she hurried up her front steps and slipped her key in the lock. He was still watching over her from the open car door when she turned on the light and stepped into the foyer. Lifting her hand, she gave him a final parting wave.

Nodding once in return, he dipped his head and got back into the taxi.

As the car pulled away, she fell against the door and turned the deadbolt, her heart racing in a thrilling and inappropriate way.

  Buy Links:  Beachwalk Press    Amazon    Barnes & Noble

~About the Author~

I write stories I like to read–contemporary romances with identifiable characters and themes.  Life is hard.  Love makes it bearable. If you enjoy stories with heat and humor, I have a title for you.
I’m a pampered wife, lucky mom to three amazing sons and one wonderful daughter-in-law, and I recently became a very young grandma. I should probably underline the word very.  Oh heck, why not the word young too?  Nah, you get the picture.  I’m also the daily monitor of one naughty dog with attitude.

Author Links:   Site    Facebook      Twitter


Tara is giving away to a lucky winner a choice of eBook from her backlist.

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Release Day Blitz: Slivers of Silver by J.A. Kenney

J.A. Kenney

Release Day Blitz

Bottom Drawer Publications is proud to announce the release of Slivers of Silver, an origin prequel to the upcoming “Immortal Quicksilver” series, by new author, J. A. Kenney.

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Book: Short Story
Length: 7,300 words
Formats: ePub, mobi & PDF


Quicksilver and Star rally a group of immortals to join their brethren in mortal form to conserve the incredible diversity of life, and the Conservationists are born.
Reincarnated, they fight and strive to save mortals. If they fail, the Purists will wipe sentient life from the universe across the length and breadth of time!



The bright swirling cloud of dust and small asteroids flowed and spiraled down into the growing mass of the new planet forming below me. Ice crystals glittered and refracted the light from the distant young blue star. Caught in the powerful pull of gravity, the particles formed into a narrow disk as they drew closer and closer to the embryotic core, while the violence of random collisions sent matter and energy cascading out into the deep darkness of space.
I could feel the pull of the new star, the developing world, and the sprays of dust and gases as they passed through me where I hovered above and separate from the solar system’s birth pangs.
Such beauty paired with such destruction.
Time danced and shifted as I flew past the rocky mass and toward the baby star. Its surface shuddered and erupted in massive ejections sending plumes of superheated gas and radiation up and out on the solar winds. The energy shivered past me, leaving a pleasant sting and tingle along the ethereal tendrils of my form.
The single word brought me out of my meditative revelry . . . a message and a summons. I needed no directions. The brush of Morning Star’s thoughts against mine told me where and when to go.
The universe, full of wonder, dimmed as I neared the space in between. The Void: an infinite span of time and space condensed into a single unknowable point. It was both larger than the all of creation and small enough to be housed within the electron cloud of a single atom.
My awareness of deep space fled, and black nothingness tugged and pulled at me as I skirted the edge of the universe. I hung suspended, for a moment or a millennium, before I folded and floated in a far distant place and time.
Immortals had gathered above a single planet, which glittered and shone in the darkness. Lights, like fireflies, clustered upon the dark surface. They flashed on and off at the will of the strange small creatures who crowded the coasts and islands. The feel was wrong, as if these mortals had changed the very substance of this world. The bitter scent of molten metal, the lingering burn of nuclear fission, and the acidic tang of chemical combinations foreign to nature leached into the pure nothingness of space. Even the electromagnetic spectrum swam with unfamiliar and unnatural vibrations that grated against our beings.
I drifted among the others, moving along each in turn with a light mental caress of greeting followed by flickers of recognition. Mental whispers and images of my namesake, my identity, Quicksilver. A flash of liquid metal; changing, flowing, unable to stay still.
The thoughts of my brethren were chaotic, confused, some incensed while others were merely curious as they looked down at the surface. None of us had seen the impact of a massive advancing civilization, and many found it repugnant.
My projected query was more image than word, the fading light of a bright but distant star as the sun rose over a primordial world. The thought brought my friend and lover to my side. That cherished presence glowed and shifted as it brushed against me, blending and meshing.
Our Joining was a closeness so intense that we ceased to exist as two beings and became one. The deep mating bond allowed us to share our thoughts, and our feelings, as we mixed the substance of ourselves. Our two lives blended into one whole, every event, thought, and perception since last we parted was shared in exquisite and exacting detail. Just as we had shared all that happened from that first instant when all immortals formed in the chaotic birth pangs of the Universe.
What’s happening?
Solar Flare summoned the conclave.


BDP is giving away 3 copies of the e-book on release, a $10 voucher to spend in our digital shop & an advance ARC of Silver Strife (Immortal Quicksilver #1)

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Buy Links

The e-book is available for sale for 99 cents at:

All Romance

The book will also be available at the following bookstores shortly:
Barnes & Noble
Apple iBookstore
Diesel Bookstore
Coffee Time Romance
Google Play

About the Author


J.A. Kenney lives in Aurora, Colorado, with a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains—in the winter, when the sky is clear, and if she stands on her tiptoes in exactly the right spot.

Three cats, a Chihuahua mix who thinks she is a Mastiff, and her beloved husband share her humble abode.

She has been writing since she found out that playing alien witches was more fun than tag. Her stories are a blend of science fiction, fantasy, and romance with strong female protagonists and drool worthy heroes.

When she is not writing she reads voraciously, sings, skis, rides her Harley, and grudgingly assists with home improvement projects.