Monday, 28 January 2013

Sneak Peek Life In Suitcases

With just under a week until the release of my novelette Life in Suitcases. I thought I'd share a little sneak peek with you all to wet your appetites.

Life in Suitcases (Contemporary Romance)

After a tragedy changes the course of Elise Morgan’s life leaving her without a family and in foster care, she meets Anthony Scott. It doesn’t take long for them to become fast friends and soon they do everything together. When Elise manages to get a scholarship to college and Anthony doesn’t, they find themselves separated. As the years pass, they lose touch. 

Feeling restless with her life, Elise sets about trying to find what’s missing in her life. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she takes a trip home hoping to find a sense of peace. When one hug reveals what Elise thought she was missing wasn’t a place or a thing, she realizes the truth. It’s a person. 

Can Elise find true love with the one man she thought she might never see again?


After the interview, I hurried back to my hotel room. I changed out of my suit into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, swapped my heels for sneakers, and headed down to the wharf. I searched for over an hour before I finally found the Hotel Alexander. Walking onto the job site, I stopped the first guy in a hard hat that I could find.
“Excuse me.” I tapped the man on the shoulder.
“Yeah?” He eyed me suspiciously. “How can I help you?”
“I’m looking for Anthony Scott.”
“He’s up the scaffold.” He pointed at the mass of steel piping on the side of the building. “Hang on a sec, I’ll get him down for you.”
“Hey, Tony! There’s a chick here to see ya.” Anthony’s head popped over the edge of the scaffold. I looked up so he could see my face.
“Elise?” he asked, disbelief clear in his tone. I just nodded. “Stay right where you are. I’m coming down.” His whoop of excitement echoed off the surrounding buildings, making my heart beat just a little faster. As he hit the bottom of the scaffolding, he ran over to me, swept me up in his arms, and swung me around in the biggest bear hug I’d had in years. 

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