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Spotlight/Interview: Rough Harbour by Andrea Stein

After a bitter break up and professional set back in London, twenty seven year old Caitlyn has returned to Queensbay to work for Maxwell Randall, an old family friend, at his financial management firm. So far, bit by bit, Caitlyn’s been rebuilding all she lost after Michael St. John broke her heart …and tried to ruin her professional reputation.

But her past comes back to haunt her when Maxwell unexpectedly turns up dead. Not only does Caitlyn find her career in jeopardy but her heart is too, when Noah Randall, Maxwell’s son, and her first love, returns to Queensbay. Once, ten years ago, Caitlyn was sure Noah was the one for her…but the tragedy of her grandfather’s suicide and Noah’s decision to leave town left her bereft…and determined never to trust him again.

Over the past decade, she’s managed to do her best to forget about Noah Randall and the lingering questions surrounding her grandfather’s suicide. But now that’s he back in town – rich and more handsome than ever, and she can’t help wondering what if? What if Noah really was the one?

Noah Randall left home ten years ago to seek his fortune – vowing never to return until he’d made a success of himself – and show Caitlyn Montgomery just what she’d given up. He returns to find that Caitlyn Montgomery has only grown more alluring with time. Noah’s always wanted he couldn’t have…and now he wants Caitlyn again. But she’s determined not to make the same mistake twice.

While Noah and Caitlyn are revisiting old ground – and forging a new relationship, there’s trouble brewing in Queensbay. Old secrets and new lead Caitlyn to believe that perhaps her grandfather didn’t kill himself – and that Maxwell’s death was no accident. But just how far will someone go to keep her – and Noah – from finding out the truth…and will Queesbay prove to have troubled waters after all?


Noah leaned in closer, his lips hovering above hers, his arms moving around her, pulling her closer to him, so he could feel his body next to hers, feel the swell of her breasts, see every freckle on her nose.

“I have people for that,” he murmured, letting his lips feather across her. Her eyes opened wide, and he knew that she was feeling, that he had gotten to her.

“Noah…” It was more of a moan than a whisper.

“Shh, I know you’re not after my money. Just shut up and let me…”

Kiss you. And he did, their lips touching. Softly at first, so he could taste her, smell her perfume, something spicy, and her shampoo, something fruity. She moved in his arms – not away, but closer – and he took that for an invitation, an invitation that his attentions were wanted.

He deepened his kiss, letting his tongue explore, letting his hands slide from her shoulders down to the V of her neck, skimming lightly over her breasts, feeling the fabric of her bra, then the hard nub of her nipples which sprang to attention under his caress.

She moaned, answering his kiss, her hands running through his hair, pulling him towards her as their embrace deepened, grew more passionate, his hands roaming feeling, possessing her.

Until. “Stop, Noah, stop.” She broke free, her head moving away from him, her hands still twined in his hair. She lowered her eyes and leaned against his shoulders.

“What, what is it?” His voice was husky, raspy, and he could feel desire, the sheer wanting of her flowing through him, all the way through it. She felt it, too, and took a step back.

“Noah, you’re the boss. And we barely know each other. I mean now. I just can’t get involved right now.”

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m in my mid-thirties, married to my high school sweetheart and have three children ranging from 2-8. I live in rural NJ, which isn’t as weird as it sounds. I used to work in Information Technology as a business analyst but would write during my lunch hour and when I thought no one was looking…Unfortunately I am not a morning or night person so finding time to write during the day – when I am at my best is a struggle, but it’s one I overcome with the help of a babysitter…and forcing myself to get up early or stay up late. I love coffee, drink wine, and like to cook. I really have no hobbies except reading, cooking and watching TV. I have tried crafts and gardening but think everyone’s better off when I stick to writing. When I get the chance I love the chance to hang out with my girl friends or have some friends over, but with three kids, life and laundry seems like there’s never enough time for that!

Tell us a little about the book you are here to promote?

Rough Harbor is a contemporary romance novel focused on Caitlyn and Noah, former high school sweethearts who find themselves back together in town after ten years apart. They left on bad terms torn apart by tragedy – the death of Caitlyn’s grandfather. After ten years and a bitter break up, Caitlyn has returned to her home town of Queensbay to reclaim the legacy her grandfather lost and Noah has come to bury his father. The two of them haven't spoken in years but as they are thrown together they find they can’t resist their attraction, but before they can truly move on together, they must resolve the issues from their past and uncover a secret from Caitlyn’s past.

What was your main inspiration for this story?

Rough Harbor was my attempt to write a book that was a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense. Plus I really wants to write a story set on the water. I grew up on the north shore of the Long Island Sound, swimming, sailing and taking long walks on the beach. Queensbay the setting of Rough Harbor is my way of creating an idyllic place where couples can fall in love. I tried to write it as a place readers would want to visit since there are more books coming in the series. I also really love the character of Caitlyn. She's twenty eight and has achieved some professional success so in my mind she's a real person, ready to face the tragedy if her past and find out if Noah, her high school love was the one that got away.

If your book was made into a movie, which stars would you want to play your Hero and Heroine?

Gerard butler and Keira Knightly though they would have to work on their American accents

Describe your Hero/Heroine in five words?

Heroine-Smart, confident, driven, a connector, stylish.
Hero - Noah - confident, steady, shrewd, loyal

If you could go back and give your-struggling-author-self one piece of advice now that you are published what would it be?

Keep writing on a regular basis - daily, even, and make an outline. Committing to writing a little bit every day or five or seven and making the time to do it will get you further than anything else or for waiting for the right time to do it. And make an outline with a beginning a middle and an end. You don't want to get half way through your 100,000 novel and realize you don't know how to get to the finish.

Do you have any interesting writing quirks?

I have terrible handwriting - I sometimes can't even read my own grocery lists so I have to write at some sort of keyboard. Right now I am experimenting using an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. I have visions of being able to crank out a chapter while I am in the carpool line at school.

How do you stay motivated when the Muse is being temperamental?

Write something. This is easier to do when you have an outline as you can force yourself to write a scene you have already told yourself you need. Even if you hate it later, you can edit it or rewrite. The Muse seems to reward those who keep on writing with at least some usable work.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not writing?

Reading. I don't really have any other hobbies. I write and I take care of my family. There's not a lot of time left over for other things so I generally fill it by reading. I have the Kindle app on my phone so if I have just even a few minutes (like waiting at the bus stop) you will most likely find me reading a page or two.

Fast Five:

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Kindle or Nook? Kindle

Beer or Wine or Spirits? Red wine

All-time favourite book? The Outlander

All-time favourite Movie? Love Actually

Thanks for the chance to stop by your blog – enjoyed answering the questions.



  1. I enjoyed the interview thank you.

    Please don't take away Gerard Butler's accent.


  2. Love the cover and title!! The excerpt pulled me right in and made me want to read the book! Great interview :) So nice to meet a new author! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Great interview! Is there a particular snack you like to eat while you are writing?

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  4. Hi All - thanks for commenting. It's a pleasure to be here. I have a fondness for swedish fish and twizzlers - and popcorn which my kids eat by the buckets - I am always stealing from them and getting yelled at.

  5. This looks yummy! Great interview and hot excerpt! I'm a Swedish fish nut too Andrea...I steal them from my daughter (whose name just happens to be Andrea!)

  6. When I'm in a hurry my handwriting is bad. My son says it looks like chicken scratching's. My husband will look at a word and ask what it is. I say how the hell do I know I was in a hurry. lol
    Love the interview, can't wait to read Rough Harbor.


  7. I love a smart, confident heroine! I happen to be in NJ right now--in Red Bank--for my niece's wedding. It's nice being part of their contemporary romance!
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  12. It's admirable that you take time for writing, while taking care of your family. I hope the writing has been a rewarding experience. How does your family view your new carrier?


    1. Hi - thanks for the comment. My kids love the fact that I'm a writer. My son loves making up stories and my daughter loves to make up songs - I am hoping for the next Taylor Swift in the family - overall I just try to encourage their creativity!

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