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Spotlight: Boots on the Ground by Angela S Stone


Ash Cooper and Jason McCarty know they need to do one thing, and one thing alone: stay alive.

An IED attack destroyed their convoy and left them both injured in the high desert of Afghanistan and running from insurgents. They take refuge with a group of Afghan civilians, and their only hope of rescue is two satellite phones that might be damaged beyond repair.

Ash and Jason join forces with a British army nurse to survive the harsh living conditions. As days to turn to weeks, they think of home, the husbands they left behind, and the lives they want to return to.

But with food rations running short, the elders angry at them, and the hope of rescue lost, Ash and Jason start to give up, and in the end turn to each other in their struggle for survival.


The doorbell rang, and David told her, “Yeah, I’m awake.” He flipped the covers off and grabbed a housecoat. Why in the heck would Monica, his sergeant, be here? She wasn’t even scheduled to work today.

Ryan, his oldest, beat David to the door. “Hi, Aunt Monica!” Ryan chirped at her.

“Monica?” David asked when he saw her. She wore her red serge and was accompanied by Father Callaghan, the local pastor. David immediately had a sinking feeling.

“Ryan, why don’t you go downstairs to the rec room? Take Mandy and Kevin with you,” Monica told David’s oldest.

The boy glanced from his pseudo-aunt to his father and then dashed away calling for his younger siblings.

“Can we come in, David?”

“Yeah sure, sorry. I worked last night,” David said by way of explanation for his attire as he led them into the living room. He sat down in the chair. Monica and Father Callaghan took the sofa. “What’s this about, Monica?”

“Last night Jason was in a convoy travelling to a remote outpost in the northern district of the Balkh province.”

David felt his heart plunge. No, please God, no, not his Jason. 

“The convoy hit an IED. Most of the vehicles in the convoy were completely destroyed.  Jason wasn’t killed in the blast; however he is missing in action along with another Civilian Police Officer, Ashley Cooper.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Angela S Stone is a twenty something Registered Nurse living, and working in Ottawa Canada. Her first novel, Sometimes It’s Fate, was published by Phaze books in 2011. Angela finds inspiration in real life personal events for her books, often writing about issues and she is a proud Canadian and an even prouder girl from back east. She thoroughly enjoys writing novels featuring character that live in or are from the Maritimes. She’s recently met Mr. Right and when she’s not occupied with him she can be found hanging out at her local starbucks writing. She spends her free time advocating for minorities and persons with disabilities.

Angela has a severe learning disability called Dysgraphia. Despite this she has written several novels, graduated from university will be starting her Master’s degree in nursing. All things she was told she would never be able to do.

Angela has never met a challenge that she couldn’t overcome. She believes strongly in the philosophy of saying “I can’t” means “I won’t” and advocating for yourself. She has spoken about these topics on provincial, regional and national levels. As well has published several articles in related disability orientated magazines.

Author Links:

Twitter: @angelasstone

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  1. I love David and Jasons story, it will be nice to read more about them. Do the flashbacks bring show some new aspects to their relatioship?

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  2. I love this excerpt. So sensitive.

  3. I'm looking forward to read more about the guys. What are you currently writing?


  4. Hi, how do you go about creating new characters for a story?


  5. Awesome excerpt. Best of luck with sales.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic book to me.

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  7. How do you come up with new ideas for a story?

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  8. Great excerpt, thank you.


  9. This story sounds chock-full of emotion. Am I going to need tissues??


  10. Sounds emotional.


  11. Not the visitors you want at your door. I felt this.


  12. Sorry for being Late to the party, To answer your questions...

    Ami- Yes, The flashbacks do show lots of new (and very special!) parts to their relationship.

    Lena- I often start with a picture in my mind, or sometimes a name and I add more and more details until that picture becomes a person! It's a long process. I know lots of authors look at models and celebrities to base their characters. I don't because, I guess my brain doesn't work that way!

    Lyra- I'm currently editing a Hockey short story called "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" also a BDSM novel called "The Handballer's Association". I'm writing "Positive Attraction" and "Special Investigations", plus a book all on it's own called "Daddies by Surprises (working title).

    Gala- I get story Ideas everyday. It's going to take me years to finish all of the ideas I have right now! Not to mention all of the ones to come!.

    Chelsea- You might want to buy stock in Kleenex for this one....

    Thanks for hosting today!