Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Win a Free copy of the Love Again Anthology

In celebration of the release of the Love Again Anthology I am giving away a Print & Digital copy of the book.

To be in the running to win a copy leave a comment on this post telling me your name, email and what your favourite Valentines Day memory is. All three pieces of information must be present for the entry to be valid.

Entries close the 16th of Feb. The winners will be picked at random and notified by email. The first winner picked will get the print copy and the second the digital.

 Here are the summaries for all the stories included in this amazing book.

Wanted: Wife by Lacey Wolfe
Darcy is down on her luck and can’t believe it when she finds herself answering a help wanted ad for a wife.
Steven’s day starts to look up when the girl he longed for in high school answers his ad.
Will these two finally find love in the most unusual of ways?

Forever Love by Melissa Keir
When Syndie Wilder returns to Amherst, Ohio, she comes back to take care of her ailing father and doesn’t expect to run into the childhood friend who dumped her in high school. When fate causes the two to meet, sparks fly again.  But will a childhood friendship turn into a forever love?

Vows by Tamaria Soana
Addison Klein’s life is a mess, her marriage is falling apart and she just lost her best friend.
Just when she thinks she is all alone in making some major life altering decision, she gets a little guidance from her guardian angel.
Wanting to be a better example to her two little girls, she makes a decision that will change their lives forever when she sets out to seduce her husband.

Crazy for You by Sabrina Luna
Shawn Flint wants to rekindle the spark between him and Erica Kelly when he surprises her by flying in for his stepsister’s wedding.  But Erica is still cautious and wants to keep their affair a secret.  Can Shawn overcome her protest and convince her that he is totally crazy for her?

Home by Ella Jade
Dr. Chase Avery has worked hard to give his high school sweetheart and love of his life Elyse Jacobs the life she deserves, but in working toward their happily ever after, he missed out on the important things in life.
Six months after she leaves, Chase finds himself alone and overworked, dealing with the mistakes of the past.
When Elyse shows up unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day, can an old flame be rekindled or is it nothing more than one last night of passion?

This Time it’s Different by Autumn Jones Lake
Sydney Cooper and Maddox Lyons were high school sweethearts, planning to be together forever. Once Maddox’s dreams of music stardom start to come true, he leaves Sydney behind with a broken heart. Four years later, they meet up and sparks fly, but Sydney doesn’t want to be hurt again. How can Maddox convince her This time it’s different?

Life in Suitcases by Melissa Kendall
Elise’s childhood is seemingly perfect until one tragic event changes everything. Moved to a children’s home she meets Anthony and they become friends. Fate sets them on separate paths. How will they do on their own? Will they find love?

If you can't wait for a copy you can purchase them here:
Thanks Melissa Kendall


  1. Hello my name is Karen Bush, my email is kmsunshine32@aol.com My favorite valentine memory was, Last year My husband bought me a valentine brownie, a purple heart that say Be Mine(my fav color) and a red rose. It was so sweet because he didnt have to spend alot of money. He also that morning made me a valenitne card that said,I love you Bunny!(yes my nick name from him!)

    1. I am so going to make mu hubs read these valentines stories. His idea of something romantic is to actually remember to say happy valentines day.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Karen, gotjasper@gmail.com
    my favorite valentines day memory is my first valentines day as a mom, getting a card from my son via his daddy, was so special to me

    1. Yay getting valentines from loved ones is always a treasure.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hey there, I'm Kim and my e-mail is toyatothemax@gmail.com. My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my now ex-boyfriend surprised me with a weekend away at a fabulous resort on the North Coast of my country. It was the most romantic getaway. I had originally thought we were just going go for dinner and then a movie, but he knocked my socks off with his surprise and until this day it's one of my favorite memory of Valentine's.

    1. Oh my where do i find a partner who would surpise me like that.

      Thank you for your comment

  4. Hey! My name is April and my email is closettwilighter@gmail.com. My favorite Valentine's memory is getting handprints on a V-Day card from my daughter. I'll treasure that little construction paper gift forever.

    1. Thank you for your comment and i love your Valentine story it definitely sound like one for a life time.

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  6. Okay let me try the again. I'm so proud of you for taking the big step and putting your work out there for the world to read. I look forward to reading it myself. I wish you mega success, l
    Melissa. Can't wait till I can tell people "oh yeah, I knew her back in the day, before she was a famous millionaire author". You never know, bb... Chase your dreams!! Teresa

    1. If only i was going to be a millionaire but i dont think so i would be happy with just a few hundred dollars.

      Thanks you for your comment i love that people are supporting me.