Monday, 10 June 2013

Guest Blog: Table for Three Hold the Blood by Bobbi Romans

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ...
           thrills & chills.

I grew up watching old Vincent Price movies. Then when older, watched Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Halloween and Night of the Living Dead naming just a few.
OMG, I’d scare myself silly.
Table for Three-Hold the Blood  isn’t a romance (though there is loving throughout the story) but I strived to take the reader back to the old summer days from our youth when racing out to catch the next horror flick with our best buds, or sitting around a campfire, we had the heebie jeebies  scared out of us. That feeling of being scared shitless but sucking it up as to not look like a weenie in front of your friends?
Writing Table for Three-Hold the Blood  took me back to those youthful summer days. It was truly a blast to write.
Now it’s not all blood and guts...oh no. Told ya I like heat too!
This is the story of a couple who went through a trying time, and at the end of said time, they went from being a duo, to a tight knit trio.
As if learning to swing those ropes wasn’t wonky enough...they’ve got a mad serial killer running amok in their town unsure whether he’s a chef, or a killer.
I hope you’ll give this odd cross genre story a whirl, no not like the whirl of chainsaw blades, but as in a read.
I think you might find it kinda fun. Pop a bowl of popcorn and read by candle light.
 (Just don’t do this often as its bad for your eyes. *wink*)
Shana, Erron, and Marklon hadn’t realized life had more than a committed threesome in store for them. Like catching the serial killer monster who is leaving bloody body parts in restaurants throughout their small town—on platters no less.
The first murder and subsequent meal/gag occurred not long ago, at the upscale eatery, Carnal Cravings. Not long after, nearly every restaurant in town had served up some form of unexpected tartar. Heads on platters stuffed like prize pigs at luaus and people popsicles. Even deli-wrapped penises, taking Oscar Meyer Weiner to a whole new plane of pun, have rocked the sleepy little town of Crow Manor Maine to a state of panic.
It was then the nightmares began for Shana and her two men. It wasn’t long before she realized they weren’t nightmares but visions. They’d become attuned to the killer. As the threesome fight for their love and their lives, old skeletons tumble out of the closet that could literally carve them to shreds.

What was the last movie/book that scared you senseless?
Tell me about it and one commenter will win an ebook of Table for Three-Hold the Blood and as I’m a Trubie...a  “BonTemp Bound” bumper sticker.
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  1. Thanks for having me Melissa! We're going to have blast chatting about spooky encounters!


  2. I think I'm the odd one out. Horror movies just don't scare me. I usually end up laughing at my family when they jump. Love the cover of your book. But now I wonder what a chief might be serving for dinner:):)

  3. Nope - not a lover of horror movies. Just too scary.

  4. I try not to watch scary movies, but a thrilling book - I'm game.