Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spotlight: Deep Rising by N.R. Rhodes

Deep Rising
N.R. Rhodes
Smart. Sexy. Suspense.

In his nine-year stint with the CIA, Jared Caldwell thought he’d seen it all. But when his latest mission instructs him to apprehend a beautiful scientist who’s allegedly linked to a devastating new form of warfare, he isn’t prepared for the prospect of battling man-made tsunamis—or the misplaced feelings he harbors for his number one suspect.

The irony of being accused of crimes her research was intended to prevent isn’t lost on Svetlana Orskya. She also didn’t expect her wish for a strong, sexy man to sweep in and change her life to come true—especially not when he appears, gun in hand, pointed at her.

But time is running out and Jared and Lana must work together to protect the mainland. As the heat between them—and the threat of mass destruction—rises there is more at stake than just their hearts.

“I want to stop Sergei as much as you do—more so because it seems I’ve enabled him.”
A hand caught her arm. In the next instant she was spun around and pressed against the door. His palms slapped against the doorframe, caging her in place. Jared towered over her and she wasn’t a small woman.
“What do you mean ‘enabled him’?”
Oh, no, did he think she consciously helped her brother? “I didn’t intentionally enable anyone, Jared. I never intended for my research to be misused.” She stared into his sharp, beautiful hazel eyes and tried to make him believe in her innocence.
For several heartbeats, neither moved, then his hands slowly moved from the door to her shoulders and finally up to her throat, where either hand pressed against the arteries on her neck. He stayed there presumably counting her pulse, and while she spoke the truth, she knew her body betrayed her. His muscled shoulders dwarfed her. The crisp shirt he wore molded to the muscles of his biceps and chest. He was strong and powerful and dangerous. Without thinking, she licked her lips.
He made some low, rumbling sound. The hands at her throat threaded through her hair, lifting her face to his.
His body pressed against hers. Through the bathing suit, her breasts tightened almost painfully at the contact of his muscled chest. She was a heartbeat away from rising on her toes and pressing her mouth to his.
“No,” he muttered. For a moment, he leaned even closer, his lips grazing her temple. His sharp intake of breath echoed hers. When he drew back, he drew her away from the door. 
“Let’s go.” He led her out of the hotel room. More disconcerted than she cared to admit, Lana followed in his wake.

N.R. Rhodes is giving away a copy of Deep Rising to twelve readers at the end of her tour.

Author Bio
N. R. Rhodes has worn many hats. She has accumulated degrees in biology, psychology and behavioral neuroscience. A Mensa member and former high school science teacher, she made her way into publishing in a roundabout way and was named Agent of the Year in 2012. It took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do when she "grew up." But books are the perfect fit. As a literary agent, she makes authors dreams come true--and, with Deep Rising, she decided to indulge in one of her own.
Dividing her time between New Jersey and Florida, she and her incredibly supportive husband enjoy traveling, family and friends. Her stepson Christian is one of her greatest joys.



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